50 Ft Tripod Shots

In real estate, having high-quality pictures can be a great tool in attracting more buyers. These images can be used as part of your marketing strategy which can be featured through your listings, brochures, virtual tours, videos and a lot more. Good real estate photography, however, needs considerable knowledge, proper equipment and extreme preparation.

Tripod is a must-have for every real estate photographer. Aside from your camera, your tripod is your most important ally in the war against ugly photos. The tripod will allow you to:

  • Line up your shots correctly, while keeping everything level.
  • Shoot clearer pictures without lens blur from hand-held shots, by keeping your camera rock-steady as you’re shooting.
  • Re-shoot pictures that did not come out right on the first shot (without having to re-align your shot).
  • Produce panoramic photos and shoot twilight photography as your skills advance.

“A photograph taken from an elevated perspective is able to display a property to its full potential.”