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  • First Time Homebuyer

    When making a purchase, no matter how small or large it may be, it is important that you know pertinent details. This is true with home purchasing, you want to know all there is to know about it before beginning the process. This article is going to give you home purchasing advice.

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  • Want a Buyer Broker?

    Buyer-Brokers are real estate agents who commit to working on behalf of the home seeker, rather than the home seller. That doesn't seem like an original idea but, many buyers in the past may have wrongly assumed their agent was working in their best interest.

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  • Condos and Coop Specialist

    Condominiums provide a unique living opportunity, one that many people have jumped on in this hot real estate market. Although not for everyone, condominium ownership does have some distinct advantages over stand alone homes.

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  • Vacation Home Specialist

    Most vacation homes are purchased in close proximity to beaches, camping, or other highly desirable Long Island areas. There are many reasons people have choose to move into secondary homes, not necessarily considered a vacation property simply for the fact of its use.

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  • Relocation Specialist

    We understand that relocation is one of the most stressful experiences an individual or family can go through. Making this process easier is our business. We have earned a reputation, through relationships with satisfied customers and corporate clients as a service organization that offers the highest standards of professionalism and responsiveness.

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  • Waterfront Specialist

    If you are purchasing real estate on the water, be it a river, lake or oceanfront, you’ll want to know for certain what your rights and responsibilities are to that water and its shoreline. Sometimes your rights end at the waterline.

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  • Lending Solutions

    There can be a lot of hurdles involved in owning a home. Team Paley has the resources for you when searching for the most competitive rates and the best financing available by taking the time to know you and find out about your situation ensuring you end up with an effective solution through our partners.

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