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Internet Marketing Strategy

The multi-million dollar online experience that we’ve created at Laffey will produce the greatest possible search opportunity and results for the Project. The overwhelming exposure that the Laffey strategy offers a)internet –based marketing & social media, b)unparalleled design experience and c)targeted media awareness guarantees the greatest visibility for the project to sell every single unit. Over 1 million visitors annually and growing.

With our network of sites we syndicate listings to hundreds of websites.

Laffey.com, alone, receives 100k visitors per month. Both regional and International property seekers.

Barry and his team aggressively, use Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and a variety of methods to squeeze the most visibility to your property. The Lifestyle features, of your home, are highly sought after within these networks. And, Barry leverages this for you.

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