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Houses of worship

At Laffey Real Estate, we recognize your future goals and that of the congregation require a vision that goes beyond the scope of immediate spiritual needs. Issues such as expanding the facility, relocating and raising capital are essential to the health and future growth of your mission.

Laffey Real Estate specializes in handling the sales of Houses of Worship, real assets owned by the order and property owned by the congregants.

When the decision to relocate is made, either to a larger or smaller facility, our team at Laffey Real Estate is prepared to professionally market and sell your property. We strive to deliver a selling experience that:

  • is proficient and goal oriented,
  • provides a NO COST evaluation of real property detailing a market analysis of what your assets are worth,
  • maximizes sale price,
  • and, uncovers potential buying opportunities in the market.

Whether expansion, relocation or merging is the objective, we provide the means to guide you through the process. We are a strong resource in the Religion and tax-exempt property real estate market. When you are searching for a future house of worship or new facility such as a school, recreational or cultural center, we offer a variety of locations and property type options. For more information on how Laffey Real Estate can assist you in your endeavors.