With expertise in single family homes and new construction condo developments in and around Nassau’s prestigious Gold Coast, Barry sells homes from western Suffolk to Eastern Queens and everywhere in between. Clients have come to rely on Barry for his practical nature, innovative deal making abilities, strong property marketing strategies and unsurpassed concierge service. Running a Business is a Business Persons job.

"If you want something done right and on time, give it to a busy person." This age old advice is certainly true when it comes to Barry Paley. He works tirelessly; juggling a thriving real estate practice and mentoring the members of his team in addition to serving his community both professionally and philanthropically.

“My success is an extension of my clients’ satisfaction; I attribute it to three major influences,” says Paley. “Professionalism, knowledge and execution are the hallmarks of my business. There is no question that the number of referrals I receive correlates to the satisfaction level of my clients.”

Reflecting on what makes him push forward, “You have to be able to execute, get deals done if you will. This is the 21st Century. Know the buyer. Know the seller. Know how they want to be communicated to and most of all …Know the market – inside and out. I’ve taken 30 years of experience in marketing, client relations and negotiating with the toughest business people in New York and put it all into building my practice.” Paley operates with surgical precision, applying an intense focus to every aspect of the business. With his meteoric rise in the industry coupled with explosive growth in market share, he exemplifies the true definition of Realtor. By demanding the highest level of commitment from his team, service providers and professionals within his sphere of influence, he guarantees a consistent level of excellence.