Luxury Living on Long Island

Those who are looking for Long Island real estate are often looking for a luxury home within 25 miles of New York City.

Luxury home shoppers are generally looking for a home that is in a beautiful area and that has spectacular views. They are looking for elegance, prestige, convenience and amenities that make a home more than just a home. The Long Island North Shore area meets this criteria hands down.

Long Island provides easy access to the Metropolitan living while providing the peaceful suburb or open area lifestyle. Wineries, horse farms, beaches, great schools and more. All within 30-60 minutes driving.

What makes a house more than just a home? What takes an ordinary home and shows buyers that they are looking at a higher quality California luxury home?

In Queens, Nassau or Suffolk Countes, luxury homes may share a number of characteristics:

  • A luxury home will take into consideration how restful and relaxing an upscale bathroom can be. As a result, homebuyers are likely to find infrared saunas, steam showers or jetted bathtubs large enough to accommodate two;
  • A state-of-the-art kitchen will often define a luxury home, above its counterpart in another location. Top-of-the-line, energy-efficient appliances, marble slab or granite countertops, subtle but creative lighting, stone floors and plenty of preparation space allow those who own luxury homes to do more than prepare a family meal. These kitchens provide enough space and ease-of-use to ensure a successful party or family get-together;
  • Luxury homes often create more than just a master bedroom – they create a place to escape to after a long day, a retreat. In the master suite, you're likely to find a comfortable, spacious area designed for more than just sleep. Effective lighting, built in bookshelves, rich soothing colors and a reflection of the homeowner work together to create the perfect spot to unwind and relax;
  • Luxury properties are often pre-wired for both security systems and for a home theater experience. When homebuyers invest in a luxury home, they want to be assured that they can protect their investment and their family. They also wish to be able to have the convenience of entertaining others and spending time with their families; a home theater offers both those opportunities and more;
  • A luxury home is often characterized by it's exterior as well as its indoor features. Landscaped gardens, fountains, beautiful wood decks, gazebos, and enclosed or open-air hot tub rooms that enable the homeowners to relax outside of their homes with the same comfort and beauty that they find inside; and
  • Luxury real estate is often further set apart by providing homebuyers and homeowners with a sense of exclusivity. Many luxury homes are within the gated communities, frequently near private country clubs, golf courses, or lakes, offering a lifestyle experience as well as a beautiful environment to call a home.

Homebuyers are likely to find homes with built-in wine cellars. A luxury home on Long Island may have a zero edge pool, a waterfall, breathtaking views, and interior accents of cherry or walnut along with slate floors. A luxury home in each county may even have an outdoor wet bar, a touch-pad automated security and lighting system, or even a multi-seat home theater that will allow the owners to entertain a dozen of their closest friends.

Ultimately, the defining characteristic of a luxury home is a living space that is tailored to the owners' style, interests and preferences.

A luxury home is not merely a roof over your head: a luxury home is a reflection of the individual you, and what is important to you in your life. Barry's knowledge and experience with Luxury sales will dazzle you.